Harry's acceptance letter

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Inspired by the version Harry holds in close up in his hands, this envelope will carry you away to the Wizards’ magical universe. 

The sealed envelope contains the acceptation letter as well as the list of requirements. A duplicate of both letters is also provided to display next to the envelope.

Each wax seal being handmade, their shapes will be unique and slightly different from what’s shown on the presentation photos.

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The paper was chosen with the greatest care, comparing carefully its color, texture and transparency. The marbling effect is due to the paper fiber itself. The texts are printed on a very high quality professional laser printer to reproduce the shine of the handwritten ink. 

Each envelope is then meticulously cut using a laser cut stainless steel template, then folded and glued by hand. A carefully researched high quality wax is used for the seal to reproduce its shine, brittle quality and deep red color. The wax is then melted in a way to reproduce the characteristic black burning streaks inside it.

22 Items