Ronald’s open letter

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Too late, it’s now open… Luckily, a petrification spell was cast on it! You can safely admire it without having to use earplugs.

This is a complex and entirely handcrafted Origami; you will find folding traces and small marks specific to paper crafting that are completely normal and even sometimes voluntarily accentuated. Each object is unique and small variations of shape or expression can occur from what’s shown in the presentation photos.

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The papers used are the same than the sealed version of the letter; a gorgeous red English paper with an exceptional grain and the same special marbled paper than the school letters. A 50cm long stainless steel template is necessary to cut the shape of the envelope and trace all the folds. Another stainless steel template is used to trace and cut the teeth precisely. The letter is then carefully folded and glued to give her to most expressive shape possible. The message is then glued on a thin aluminium structure to maintain its shape and finally glued to the envelope itself. We also recognize the two tones satin ribbon from the sealed version of the letter, here transformed into an angry tongue.

7 Items