Mondoshawan Key

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Inspired by the legendary temple key from the Fifth Element, this key is crafted from jewelry grade brass and welded by hand just like the original object. Great care is given to the details; the pattern and thickness have been carefully studied to get the most screen-accurate result possible. The end of the shaft is cut in V like the real one and the wings are welded to get the same exact authentic look.

With each key, a one of a kind genuine stone stand is offered. The stands are cut from a local stone that reminds the look of the temple stone.

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The wings are carefully cut by me using a chemical etching process allowing to cut really small thicknesses and details, just like the movie key. The wings are then welded one by one with a soldering iron. Several soldering wires have been tested to get the best shine. The keys can display some very small scratches as the brass is voluntarily kept raw as well as some small solder runs and small deformations to the base of the wings due to the heat of welding the really thin brass. Those small features specific to hand craftsmanship, and consistent with the making of the original item, are always minimal and do not affect the general appearance of the key in any way.

3 Items